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App Helpie!



  • User research
  • Wireframes
  • High Fidelity Design
  • Prototype


  • 1 UX/UI Designer
  • 4 Developers

My role

  • Discovery Research
  • UX/UI Designer

The Problem

Find a handy man, electrician, plumber, or others professionals to fix problems in our house is a latent demand, but there’s two main problems that makes concepting the solution troublesome: make it really easy to find the right professional for light and heavy users and make the customers secure about the person they are hiring and bringing to their home.


The Solution

To emphasize to the user how simple and helpful the app is, the homepage shows a call to action very prominent with the headline “Touch it to say what you need”. By touching the button the users can decide which media he prefers to place his request (video, audio, photo or text), making the first step very easy.

For the user that don’t feel comfortable with this new method, below the call to action can swap up a tab to access the list of service displayed in the traditional way.

User Research


Information Architecture

Journey Map

User Flow

High Fidelity Design