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BluePay app

BluePay app



  • Wireframes
  • High Fidelity Design
  • Prototype


  • 1 UX/UI Designer
  • 4 Developers

My role

  • Discovery Research
  • UX/UI Designer

The Problem

Many companies are interested in offering Digital Bank as part of their services offered by applications, hovered, due the regulations of the Central Bank of Brazil, and the necessity to hire a team specialized in Digital Bank, only big companies are able to develop this service.

The Solution

Create a digital bank it was a previous necessity in other app. That demand cost a lot of investment in development to be achieved.

Knowing how advantageous is to many companies have this asset, the BluePay was created.

The most used payment method in Brazil is called “Pix”. That method by itself already meets the major ways of money transaction.

User Flow

High Fidelity Design